August 06 2013 Tuesday at 04:44 PM

Follow the Lead of Your Favorite Famous Golfer

The enjoyment of golf isn’t just about the game. It’s also an excuse to unwind with friends, get out in the fresh air, and revel in the afternoon. And since every woman feels better when she looks good, hitting the links in style with fashions inspired by your favorite famous golfers will make you feel fabulous.

Go Bright and Colorful, like Natalie Gulbis

Rocking bright, bold hues, Natalie Gulbis has carved out a decent record on the pro circuit. Mimic her style with golfing apparel that’s colorful and eye-catching. Pink, red, fuchsia, and ice blue are great choices. Don’t shy away from monotone outfits. Head-to-toe patterns or colors are flattering and fun. Make it simple with a cute dress or match your top and shorts. With vertical lines it’s possible to create the same sexy silhouette that Natalie sports.

Get a Professional Look, like Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is a professional golfer with plenty of style to her game. Copy her look and maybe a similar golfing style will follow. Michelle keeps things simple with polo shirts. A sleeveless polo is comfortable enough for a long day on the course, while the sophisticated collar provides a sleek touch. Choose a simple solid or a preppy plaid for pants or Burmuda shorts. Don’t forget a hat to complete this look – Michelle is rarely caught on the greens without one.

Get a Gorgeous Feminine Style, like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz always looks adorable when she’s golfing. Many of her signature fashion choices from her day-to-day life follow her onto the course. She never forgets the flattering appeal of neutrals, or how to choose an outfit that’s form fitting without cutting off circulation. Get this look with a comfortable skort and sleeveless top. The best part of Cameron’s look is that it transfers seamlessly to activities off the course – no wardrobe change necessary for dining or drinks after the game.

Grab Some Patterns, like Catherine Zeta-Jones

From the red carpet to the golf course, Catherine Zeta-Jones maintains an attractive look that’s always well put-together. Her style is easy to mimic with feminine looks and trendy patterns. A little leopard print or some sharp geometric designs instantly transform an item from bland to outstanding. It’s easy to look like a star in trendy apparel along these lines. Pair patterned bottoms with a solid top for a look that’s perfectly put-together.

Go Relaxed and Casual, like Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue understands that simple, understated styles can have just as much impact as those with more pizazz. It’s all in how it’s worn. Well-tailored pieces with basic lines and a just-right fit are both comfortable and stylish. Stock up on solid-colored tops and bottoms for a simple mix-and-match golf wardrobe, like Kylie does. Repeated outfits are easy to spot if they’re too distinct. Frequent golfers can make sure they always look fresh by sticking with simpler items. A few beloved polos and some solid-colored skorts offer lots of options for different pairings.

By following these inspiring style mavens, it’s easy to create a great golf look. Dressing for the event is just as fun as hitting that birdie with the right clubs. In a great outfit, even a dribbler won’t seem so bad. Build a winning celebrity style with some personalized touches for a finished look that’s the perfect fit.